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Max and myself, have recently become slightly obsessed with LED’s after spending a stupid amount of money on these tiny shiny components we decided to do a series of interactive performances using them the photographs and video below is the documentation of these performances.


The first work was this one  in which we taped the LEDs to batteries and magnets and created a large number of LED “throwies” that would stick to any metal surface. We gathered people form the “Elbow Room” event and handed out the “throwies” people then threw them at the sides and underside of this metal staircase, the LEDs stayed there and remained a humble light installation untill their batteries died (between 4- 10 days). It wasn’t the most successful work but people enjoyed themselves and i liked the durational element of the piece.

This work is more of a sketch than a complete piece of work but it inspired the next piece which was a sort of photo booth installed at an event at the Tooting Tram & Social in January, people were invited into the small space, and given a set of LED Lights which they could use to draw pictures and write messages, to people, there was a camera set up on a tripod on a long exposure, this was then linked to a computer which projected the images as a slideshow on to a wall adjacent to the makeshift booth some of the results can be seen below.

The final work was a group bike ride, people were invited to take part in a 2 hour workshop where they could decorate their bikes with LEDs and silver ducting tape, we planned a good route via back roads from wimbledon to waterloo, and set off at 7ish from wimbledon with everyones bikes glowing like christmas trees, the ride was a massive success, and 8 of us completed the ride. The video below is the documentation of the event.